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it’s time to be the change

As communication professionals, agencies, part of the creative industry, commit and challenge yourself to
change things, and inspire others to do the same.
We are all part of this new chapter… BEGIN NOW

Stop using single plastic in your meetings and media productions.

According to UN, from 1950 until today, only 9% of plastic waste has been recycled in the world.

Choose an eco-friendly web hosting provider for your website and for your clients.

The energy consumption due to web hosting could easily reach the pollution produced by the airline industry by 2025, and they produce 2% of the world’s carbon emissions.

Reduce the digital trash with your campaigns

The internet produces 900 million tons of CO2 a year, and digital trash continues consuming electricity. Dont be a spammer.

Avoid using paper in the office and your marketing proposals.

Paper and cardboard are one of the largest components of municipal solid waste, and its production is responsible for great contamination and a massive loss of biodiversity.

Replace balloons from your event decoration

Balloons are one of the silliest use of single use plastic, and they endanger countless species, since they can travel thousands of miles and pollute the most remote places.

Swich off yoor camera in digital meetings

Images are responsible for 96% of the energy consumption of a digital call.
One hour of a call generates between 150 and 1000g of CO2 or 2 days’ consumption of a light bulb.

Promote the use of sustainable transport in your team

Road transport sector represent 12% of greenhouse gas emissions. More than half of them are linked to passenger transport. Help reducing this, promoting bike or carpooling commuting

Choose energy efficient HVAC systems for your operations

Commercial sector accounts for almost 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and 20% of electricity consumption. This energy is up to 40% demanded by the HVAC buildings’ systems.

Reduce your carbon footprint and that of your campaigns.

The campaigns’ footprint should include the entire value chain (suppliers, own operations and customers). To reduce your suppliers and customers’ footprints, choose stakeholders who share your values/commitments

Commit your agency to becoming carbon neutral by 2030

No matter what you do, you generate emissions. Electricity consumption, heating, cooling, logistics and travel all contribute to your carbon footprint.
Your company can therefore make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.
Improve your company’s performance and outperform the competition by reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Download a Full Social Media Toolkit to join the campaign and the message during the campaign

Be part of a global campaign with meaningful actions and give your agency a boost in visibility. We know that global warming does not impact all regions of the world in the same way, that’s why we want the calls to action to be adapted locally, making sense for your audience.